Development of Future Automotive and New Technology

Yura Tech has maintained competitiveness throughimprovement of product reliability and conducing excessiveR&D for new technology and new product development.

Yura Tech has increased investment for R&D for actively response against drying up fuels,exhaust gas pollution issues, strengthened regulations on safety and environment, etc. Futhermore , we are devoted in raising our capabilities in development of environmental friendly vehicle components. Yura Tech will become the Global Automotive Parts Company by the accumulated technical know-how and the continuous new technical development created by operating Optimal Product information.

Development of new Technology and new Product

  • R&DInvestment expansion
  • Utilizationof Infrastructure
  • Industry-UniversityCooperation
  • Accumlated TechnicalKnow-how

Development of localized corecomponent for Eco-vehicles

GLOBAL Automotive Parts Company