Quality / Environmental Policy

Quality Policy


Keep agreed commitments thoroughly to maintain beneficial relationship for both our company, and partners.


All employees are expected to imply their roles correctly to works To achieve our goal of enhanced quality.


Should bear in mind that the promptness is the key competence and do our best to meet time agreement.


All employees shall conduct their time and work for an autonomous management and continuous improvements.

Environmental Policy


Design and develop products for a low-carbon, emission of pollutant and sustainable use of resources and energy across the whole process to become a leading environment friendly company.


Establish an efficient environment-friendly management system that complies with national and international environmental regulations and agreements and analyze the environmental impacts of the project activity life cycle, continually promote environmental pollution prevention and improvement activities.


Lead global environmental p[reservation action by Conservation of resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Minimize the industrial waste and encourage recycling resources throughtout the whole production process to promote recycling-based society.

These policies are fundamental principles of Yura to achieve customer satisfaction and company goals. Therefore all employees must adhere to these within their works.